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The National   Training   Plan,  developed for each Partner Country, is a document describing the needs for competence development in the NRA and related TSO of the Partner Country. It’s developed for each Partner country.


The schematic process for elaborating the NTP is show below.


Elaboration of National Training Plan




The Consultant will summarize all available information and requests/needs from beneficiaries and will prepare the draft document ‘’National Training Plan’’ (NTP) where the training needs, with indication of priorities, will be associated to the development of competencies.

The NTP will include the following information:

            -          Brief description of the country nuclear infrastructures

            -          Planned development in the country for use of nuclear energy

            -          Organization and capacity of the regulatory body and planned development

            -          On-going international cooperation

            -          Needs for competence development in NRA and TSO

            -          EC cooperation plan for T&T


The NTPs will be issued by May 2012 and presented to the EC for approval.


Before presentation to the EC, the developed NTPs will be submitted to the ‘’T&T Committee’’ for prior comments and advice.


In order to consider the evolving situation in the beneficiary countries, the training needs will be up-dated during the project duration. Consequently, the ‘’National Training Plan’’ will be updated after the first approval with the interval of 9 months.