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Training course n. 1 - Legal and regulatory framework, regulatory  role & functions (3 sessions)


1 W


The module will provide a presentation and discussion of the requirements associated to the process to develop the legal and regulatory framework, the definition of roles and the establishment of appropriate regulatory responsibilities and functions. As application few reference cases will be presented together with indication of key aspects of the development process. It will be presented and discussed the possible regulatory approaches and the needed capacity and competence of the NRA for the functions of: regulation, technical review, inspection and enforcement will be presented and discussed. The EU acquis for radiation protection, the EU directives for nuclear safety and RW will be introduced and commented.  The reference levels and safety objective for new NPP from WENRA will also be presented. Practical application and elaboration will be included.


A comprehensive view of different approaches for establishing the legal and regulatory framework; A specific knowledge of requirements of legal framework and international conventions; Insight and awareness of  the regulatory role, functions and capability.

Knowledge of EU acquis, directives and practices in the field of radiation protection  and nuclear safety.