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Training course n.10 - Safety evaluation  for RW and decommissioning


1-2 W


The training course will deal with presentation and discussion of the safety approach and  safety requirements for RW management and decommissioning activities.
It will include the relevant regulatory requirements and safety review for activities related to RW classification, treatment, conditioning, storage and disposal.
Particular attention will be given to RW storage facilities and disposal facilities for low, intermediate and high level waste.

Conduct of licensing process, content of safety analysis and safety justification to be submitted for licensing approval approach for regulatory review  and dialog with the licensee will be presented and discussed with relevant examples from regulatory experience in EU.
The decommissioning of nuclear facilities in terms of strategy, possible options, preparation of decommissioning plans, content of SAR for decommissioning, implementation of activities in subsequent phases and related licensing review and approval, including objective and scope of onsite regulatory
  inspections will be presented and discussed with relevant examples fro EU experience.
Reference standards and guidelines for regulatory review. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.


The attendees will attain the knowledge, and learning of key aspects, of the safety objectives, safety requirements, content of safety analyses and regulatory activity to be performed for licensing of  RW management  and decommissioning activities.