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Training course n. 11 - Radiation Protection and regulatory emergency preparedness


1 W


The training course will present and discuss the objective, content and responsibilities for the emergency preparedness. The structure and content of a typical Emergency Plan and emergency zoning, with reference to both onsite emergency plan and outside emergency plan. Definition of roles and identification of responsibilities of Government, Operator and Regulator, and their interfaces, will be presented and discussed. Links with international conventions and obligations will be addressed.
The dose limits associated to graded actions to protect the population will be presented.
The role of the regulator in supporting the government in decision making during an emergency will be detailed. The training will also cover: aspects related to periodic drills of the emergency preparedness; lessons learned from Fukushima accident; public communication in normal operation and during and after emergencies.
Reference legal instruments, standards and requirement will be addressed. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.


The attendees will attain the knowledge, and learning of key aspects, of emergency preparedness regarding the operation of a nuclear facility, objective, structure and content of the emergency planning, roles and responsibilities of the regulatory authority. Legal binding national and international instruments.