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Training course n. 3 - Design safety and safety evaluation for NPP (SAR and PSA) (3 sessions)


1 - 2 W


The training course will deal with presentation and discussion of the safety conception of design of nuclear installations and the key aspects to be considered in the design phase in order to assure an adequate level of safety. It will include:

-   Evaluation of safety conception: safety objectives,  safety criteria and requirements for independence, diversity, redundancy, protection from internal events, protection from external events, protection from severe accidents.

-   Civil structures design safety requirements and evaluation

-   Safety functions and related frontline and support systems and components.

Classifications of structures, systems and components - Identification of list of safety related ‘’parts’’ of the NPP. Use of PSA (and expert review) to have an integrated view of the NPP conceptual design and to identify week points to be improved in the design.
Key aspects of deterministic and probabilistic safety analysis.
Licensing approach and dialog with the applicant and safety justification to be elaborated for licensing will be included.
The module will present and discus the objective and scope of the content of the SAR and PSA. The structure of SAR and PSA will be presented and related safety standards stating the content requirements.
The conduct of the regulatory assessment of the SAR in terms of completeness and adequacy of its content will be presented. Identification of main priorities in the assessment of the SAR with respect to different phases of license for construction or operation
  will be discussed.
The role and objective of the PSA study during the licensing activity will be presented and discussed. The role and use of PSA from regulatory review will be presented. Finding and experience of regulatory review of SAR and PSA will be presented.
Aspects related to effective management of regulatory review of SAR and PSA will be covered in the training program and how to prepare the regulatory evaluation report and use it in the decision making process
Reference standards and guidelines for regulatory review of design safety of SAR and PSA of NPP will be addressed. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.


The attendees will attain the knowledge, and learning of key aspects, of the main safety concepts characterizing the design of NPP in order to assure adequate safety level. Key aspects of regulatory review of design conception and specifically of SAR and PSA reports and related interfaces (deterministic and probabilistic safety).