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Training course n. 4 Ė Review and Inspection of I&C systems (2 sessions)


1 W


The module will present and discuss all aspects related to inspection activity from regulatory authority for I&C systems considering their relevance for safety (protection or control functions). The key issues related to different technologies for I&C will be covered with particular focus on software qualification for digital based I&C. The experience in the licensing of Olkiluoto NPP will also be addressed.
The topics will include:  the inspection practice in factory and during onsite acceptance and installation,  as well as during operation; the management of interfaces between the outputs from safety review of I&C system performed by the analyst and the inspectors performing the inspection activity; the evaluation of onsite documentation; the  evaluation of aspects related to layout, functional and physical interfaces and environmental qualification; the inspection during operation (conformity with Tech Specís) and analysis of operating  experience (aging and malfunctions of I&C systems, test results, etc,). Inspection guidelines and standards will be addressed. Periodicity of inspections according to reliability requirements (risk informed) will also be addressed. Examples of major findings of NRA performed inspections on I&C systems in EU will be provided. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program. 


The attendees will attain the knowledge, and the learning of key aspects, of the regulatory inspection process, with special regard to the I&C systems during fabrication and testing in factory, during installation, commissioning and operation onsite.