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Training course n. 5 - NPP site safety analysis and regulatory requirements for licensing



1 W


Comprehensive presentation of required site safety analyses and  their  logical progress and sequence. Starting from the preliminary survey of the site, and consequent screening phases, the course will present and discuss  the site detailed analyses to identify and define the engineering measures to be taken into account in the design of  the NPP (to protect it from the external events) and the provisions to be taken on the territory to take into account, and minimize, the effects of the NPP on the environment and the public.
The course will emphasize: the regulatory requirements and content of a regulatory safety guide for site safety analysis,
 the IAEA applicable standards and the major aspects of the regulatory review process. Consideration will be given to the lessons learned from Fukushima event. 


The attendees will attain the knowledge, and learning of key aspects, of safety analysis to be performed to select a site for NPP and the regulatory requirements to be taken into account while performing the evaluation of the site safety analysis report for licensing.