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 Training course n. 7 - Regulatory Inspections (oversight) during siting and construction phase


1 - 2 W


The training course will provide the knowledge of the regulatory inspection process with special regard to onsite activities during siting and construction phase with respect to site works, construction of structures and systems, installation of major components and the quality assurance and safety culture of the construction and commissioning organization.
It will provide a presentation and discussion of the organization of the regulatory inspection program, its definition and planning, the elaboration of specific inspection plans and identification of items/issues to be checked (check list). Process to carry out the inspection, selection and analysis of onsite documentation, how to manage the interface with the licensee personnel and how to report.
The key aspects, and typical findings from past experience of regulatory inspections,
   related to regulatory oversight of: site works, siting relevant activities, civil works during start of construction, mounting of safety systems during construction and testing during commissioning will be presented and discussed.
The objective, content and approach for the regulatory inspection activity of safety systems (fluid and electrical) and structures and major components will be covered.
The training will consider all aspects relevant to correct and effective regulatory inspection activity: role of inspector, inspector conduct and relationship with the licensee, preparation of inspection, content of inspection program, check list, link with analysts performing safety review of SSC, use of onsite documentation and operating records, etc.
Reference standards and guidelines for inspection will be addressed. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.
The module will provide training on objective, content and approaches for regulatory inspection of the nuclear facility safety management system including organizational
  aspects, responsibilities, internal procedures, quality management, provisions for promoting and reinforcing safety culture.
Inspection guidelines and standards will be addressed. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.


The attendees will attain (or improve) the knowledge of key aspects to organize and conduct regulatory inspections during the siting and construction-commissioning phase of a NPP, to organize a conduct an inspection of safety culture and safety management (quality assurance).