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Training course n. 8 - Regulatory oversight during NPP operation


2 3 W


The training course will provide the presentation and discussion of number of technical fields which are undergoing regulatory inspection during the operation of a NPP. It will include: Inspection of radiation protection for the environment for nuclear reactors; Inspection of occupational radiation protection; Assessment of Operating limits and Conditions for nuclear installations; Investigation of operating events; Use of inspection reports in regulatory decision making;
The content will reflect the specific content of the modules n. 8, 9, 11, 16 and 17 which will be compacted. Examples for past experience will be provided and discussed.
Reference standards and requirements will be addressed. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.


The attendees will attain (or improve) the knowledge, and learning of key aspects, with respect to organization  and conduct of regulatory inspection during NPP operation.