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Training course n. 9 - Safety evaluation  for SAR of RR and other than NPP


1 W


The module will present and discuss the objective and scope of the content of the SAR for RR and other NF as for instance a RW storage facility.
The conduct of the regulatory assessment of the SAR as report in terms of completeness and adequacy of its content will be presented. Identification of main priorities in the assessment of the SAR with respect to different phases of license for construction or operation will be discussed.
Aspects related to effective management of regulatory review of SAR
  will be covered in the training program and how to prepare the regulatory evaluation report and use it in the decision making process. Use of external support for regulatory review will also be addressed.
Reference standards and guidelines for SAR of RR review will be addressed. Practical elaboration and evaluation will be included in the training program.


The attendees will attain the knowledge, and learning of main aspects, related to the regulatory assessment of SAR for RR and other NI.