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The  EU INSC Project MC.03/10  aims  at providing  training and  tutoring (T&T)  for the staff (experts) of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and related Technical Support Organization (TSOs) of the Partner Countries.
The  objective  is  to develop  and  strengthen  their   capabilities  and allow the NRAs  to  become  reasonably  self-sufficient in the management of their regulatory and licensing activities and in technical competencies.

The T&T activity will make reference to the EU best practices and to the requirements of the IAEA Safety Standards and Security Guidelines and relevant international instruments.

The project implementation encompasses three distinct main phases, strongly interfaced,  to be carried out:

            1.       Preparation of the Training & Tutoring  (T&T) programme

            2.       Organization and implementation of the Training &Tutoring (T&T) activities

            3.       Evaluation and assessment of results

      The project activities are defined by 4 specific Tasks as shown in the figure below:

Project Tasks & Subtasks


Task 0 refers  to contract management, technical coordination, planning and administrative activities; Tasks 1, Task 2 and Task 3 refer to the three phases of preparation, implementation and evaluation of training and tutoring (T&T) activities.

The results to be achieved by the Consultant, as summarized in the TOR, are the following:

                  Result 1-   Training  and  Tutoring  for  Nuclear  Regulatory  Authorities  including  their  Technical Support Organizations  experts (staff), including  study                   visits to European Regulatory Bodies and TSOs;

                  Result 2 -   Developing a toolkit of training modules on the aspects of Nuclear and Radiation Safety;

                  Result 3 -   Promoting cooperation of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities between the EU and partner countries by exchange of experience;

                  More specifically the following achievements are expected:

                  -          Transfer of EU best practices for regulating  nuclear and radiation safety;

                  -          Establish relations among partner countries and with EU member states ;

                  -          Elaborate the ‘’EU cooperation national training plan’’ for each partner country;

                  -          Create a dedicated Website servicing the partner countries for their training needs;

                  -          Train the staff from NRAs and TSOs of partner countries;

                  -          Enhance the institutional capacity in partner countries;

                  -          Complement training with tutoring courses;

                  -          Elaborate appropriate and comprehensive training material.

The  project  main  milestones  with  indication  of correspondent  achievement,  deliverable,  preliminary timing (To  is the start of the contract) are shown below.









Title of Deliverable




Inception Meeting

Discussion and agreement on content , schedule and working procedures and interfaces

Inception Report

T0 + 2


Progress Meetings

Oversight and monitoring of project progress and encountered problems

Progress Reports

T0 + 6 and following semesters


Final Meeting

Presentation of project results, lessons learned and dissemination

Final Report

T0 + 34


Offer of T&T courses

Elaboration of offered T&T courses

Proposed T&T courses

T0 + 3


Preparation of NTP

Identification of training plans for each partner country

National Training Plan

T0 +5


Creation of dedicated Website

Operation of the website for the use of partner countries and of EC


T0 +5


Selection of courses and trainees

Identification of T&T courses to be organized  & implemented



Enrolment of participants to the T&T courses

List of selected courses and priorities

T&T schedule

Identification of participants to the T&T courses


T0 +5



Implementation of T&T courses

Performing the T&T activity

Training and Tutoring  Reports


T0 + 9


Preliminary ScheduleThe general schedule  of  the EU INSC Project MC.03/10 activities is shown in the following figure. The implementation of T&Tactivity is in the scope of Task 2 and will take place approximately in the period from July 2012 up to autumn 2014. To be considered that the precise scheduling of Training and Turing courses will be defined progressively during the project implementation, with at least one month in advance,  and will depend on the conclusion of the first phase devoted to the analysis of needs of the PCs,  the selection of courses and the approval from the EC-PM. The selection of the trainees will take place course by course before the implementation and will be submitted to the approval of the EC-PM.

Project Preliminary Content